week5 discussion

Research has influenced and changed the healthcare industry in many ways. Evidence-based practice (EBP) has become very important in recent years. While the precise definition of EBP varies somewhat by discipline, in general, it is the use of current scientific evidence (published research studies) in conjunction with experience and education to make decisions. In order to engage in EBP, the healthcare professional must be able to find articles and then determine which ones provide valid and reliable evidence.

  • Think of a new treatment or technology that interests you. Find a peer-reviewed article in the UOPX Library that supports it and use the information in the article to explain why and how this new treatment/technology will be beneficial for the intended patient population. Be sure to provide the reference for your article.
  • Examples: robotic-assisted surgery, telehealth, electronic medical records/patient portals, continuous glucose monitoring systems, health-related apps (these are just suggestions, please feel free to use any other new medication/technology that you can find.)



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