A young boy, age 2 years, pulled a pot of boiling water over his head, arms, and chest, resulting in a mixed burn to the anterior surface of his head and arms, chest, and feet.

  1. Discuss the factors that determine the classification of the types of burns and determine what type(s) this victim probably has.
  2. Discuss how the physicians in the emergency room will determine the percentage of the body that may be burned and what special considerations may be involved when evaluating a child.
  3. Discuss the additional effects associated with burns and the treatments involved, which include:
    • shock
    • pain
    • electrolyte and fluid imbalances
    • respiratory complications
    • infection
  4. Discuss the actions to promote the healing of burns.
    • Specifically address the problems that may be associated with scarring and the effects of growth that this 2-year-old may experience.

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