A client is not convinced losing weight will help him with his back problems, his hip problems, his lung congestion, and his blood pressure.

  • What would you tell him? 
  • What written information might you provide? Actually find information and give link on where to locate and why this is the best information.

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  1. Follow APA 7th ed. guidelines.
  2. Must have (3) legitimate references, one of which must be (1) current, peer-reviewed journal article.

Respond to the following prompts/questions:

  • Chemical mediators play an important role in both inflammation and immunity. Identify the source and effects of the major chemical mediators.
    • Histamine
    • Prostaglandins
    • Cytokines
    • Leukotrienes
    • Kinins (bradykinin)
    • Complement


Must be completed in proper APA FORMAT

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