Week 5 Assign 1

WK5A Assign 1

Read the case study and address the following prompts:  

As a corrections nurse in a large, federal penitentiary, one of your responsibilities is to control the spread of communicable diseases. Specifically, your assignment is to provide seasonal influenza vaccine to your team of 500 inmates; over the past 3 years, the average rate of immunization for your team has been 62%; the goal is a minimum of 90%.

  1. What data do you need to improve the rate of vaccine adherence?
  2. What factors in inmates’ histories might make this a challenge?
  3. What environmental factors complicate the immunization process?
  4. What strategies might you use to increase influenza vaccine rates?

Use at least 3 recent references and use APA format.

Due no later than Sunday, 9/26/21, by 11:59 PM CT

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