Using Evidence to Guide Decision Making and Management Practices

1.     Construct a minimum of 3-page APA-formatted paper (not including Title and Reference pages). *Include at a minimum the use of Level 1 and Level 2 headings.  Download the provided template to use as a guideline for APA format.

2.     Interpret and analyze the following bolded topics and sub-topics (required) to guide the flow of discussion in your paper:

·       Introduction (No heading)

·       Quality Terms in Healthcare (Level 1 heading)

o   Value-Based Purchasing (Level 2 heading)

o   HCAHPS (Level 2 heading)

o   QSEN (Level 2 heading)

o   PDCA (Level 2 heading)

o   Six Sigma (Level 2 heading)

·       Quality and/or Regulatory Organizations (Level 1 heading)

o   NAM (Level 2 heading)

o   JCAHO (Level 2 heading)

o   CMS (Level 2 heading)

o   Leapfrog (Level 2 heading)

·       Conclusion (Level 1 heading)

Please include reference page.

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