Unit 7 Discussion CS212 Dealing With Office Politics

Discussion Overview

Please respond to the discussion prompt below. Your initial post should be in the 100- to 150-word range and be supported by evidence from course or outside materials. Respond to at least two of your colleagues with meaningful comments. Responses should incorporate course concepts. Your responses should be in the 75- to 100-word range. Refer to the discussion topic grading rubric in the Course Resources area for information about how you will earn your grade for the discussion.

Topic 1: Dealing With Office Politics

Have you ever observed office politics? Describe the event in detail. (Do not use real names.) Were there any logical fallacies involved, such as personal attacks or the bandwagon fallacy? (You may pick any logical fallacies to discuss.) In your response, share at least one strategy or practice for dealing with office politics.

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