Unit 6 Discussions BU204 Aggregate Demand and Aggregrate Supply

Topic: Current Events in Macroeconomics – Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Macroeconomics is much more than just what is read in a textbook. It is what happens every day, the sum total of everything, that affects the well-being of all, and of everyone throughout the country and the world.

Choose any podcast related to macroeconomics, then choose a specific current episode of that podcast. Your reference will be the name of, and link to, your chosen podcast.

As you listen to your chosen podcast, pay particular attention to any discussion relating to the interactions between aggregate demand and aggregate supply. After listening to the podcast, answer the following questions:

  1. What important new things did you learn?
  2. How did this new knowledge relate to macroeconomic measures of how aggregate demand and aggregate supply interact, that is being explored in this unit, and how does it impact the entire economy?
  3. What action, if any, do you think the government, or society, should take as a result of what you have learned?

Examples of acceptable economic oriented podcasts include:

  • NPR’s Marketplace series (some daily and some weekly);
  • NPR’s Planet Money;
  • Weekly Economics Podcast;
  • Bloomberg’s Stephanomics; and,
  • The New Foundation’s Weekly Economics, to name just a few.

If you are unfamiliar with podcasts, search for economic podcasts, using any of the above options, or just search for economics podcasts. It is also acceptable to use TED talks that center on economic issues.

Please remember that, in the Discussion, it is important that you add your personal comments, in addition to summarizing the podcast you chose. It is not enough to say what you heard. You must also say why you think it is important.

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