Unit 6 Assignment Aggregrate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply   PLEASE USE TEMPLATE ATTACHED and insert your answers to each question in the appropriate places.    This assignment deals with the market for loanable funds, marginal propensity to consume, the multiplier effect, and aggregate supply (AS), aggregate demand (AD), and the basic concepts of open-economy macroeconomics.    This assignment assesses your knowledge of the following Course Outcome:    BU204-1: Examine how consumer spending, savings, investment spending, and other factors contribute to long-run economic growth.    1. A business contemplates building a new manufacturing facility and will need to seek loanable funds of $130 million. It expects that the new facility will yield a 12% return on investment (ROI). Given the current loanable funds market equilibrium depicted in the graph below, is it likely that the firm will borrow the money to build the new facility? Why?        Description: A graph showing the supply, in a red straight line rising to the right, and demand, in a straight blue line descending to the right, for loanable funds with the market interest rates on the vertical axis and money available on the horizontal axis. Initial equilibrium is at 8% interest rate and 300 million dollars.    2. Given the income and consumption for the three individuals in the table below, calculate their individual marginal propensity to consume (MPC) and the total marginal propensity to consume for the entire group.    Name    Income    Consumption    MPC    Anne    $20,000    $17,000    (total)    Brad    $30,000    $22,000    (total)    Claire    $40,000    $24,000    (total)    Total    (total)    (total)    (total)         3. The following questions relate to long-run macroeconomic equilibrium and the stock market boom.    Assume that a hypothetical economy is at long-run macroeconomic equilibrium, with full employment and stable prices. Suddenly the stock market prices increase much more than expected, increasing investor’s wealth, and causing a short-term period of unusually increased optimism about the future of the economy.    a. In the short-run, will the AS curve or the AD curve shift, and in which direction will it shift?    b. In the short-run, what will happen to the price level and quantity of output (real GDP)?    c. Explain what, if any, impact will there likely be on workers’ wages, and the reasons for this impact.    d. In the long-run, which curve will shift due to the change in wages and price expectations created by the stock market boom? In which direction will it shift?    e. When the economy returns to its long-term output level, how will the new long-run macroeconomic equilibrium differ from the original equilibrium?    4. Studies indicate that net exports and net capital outflows tend to be equal.    a. Explain why net exports and net capital outflows always tend to be equal.    b. Explain how a change in interest rates can lead to changes in net exports?    5. Assume there is a decrease in the demand for goods and services, which leads to a decrease in the real GDP, and eventually the economy falls into recession.    a. When the economy enters a recession due to a decline in demand, what will happen to the price level?    b. Assume there is no government intervention. Explain how the economy will eventually get back to the natural rate of output (real GDP)?    6. A number of macroeconomic variables decline during recessions. One of these variables is the GDP.    a. What other variables, besides real GDP, tend to decline during recessions? Given the definition of real GDP and its components, explain the declines in these economic variables which are to be expected.    b. Empirical studies indicate that the long-run trend in real GDP of the USA has an upward trend. How is this possible given business cycles and macroeconomic fluctuations? What factors explain the upward trend in spite of the cycles?    Directions for Submitting Your Assignment    Before you submit your assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location and with a name that is specified in item 1 of the General Instructions within your assignment template. When you are ready, you may submit to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox.       logo

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