Unit 2 Assignment: Telescopes

Part I

Research three different types of telescopes: reflecting, refracting, and radio telescope.

Identify the primary use of each type of telescope, one advantage and one disadvantage of each type of telescope.
Part II

The McDonald Observatory is an astronomical observatory located in Texas. This observatory is part of the University of Texas at Austin and is a research observatory for the college of natural sciences. Researchers at the McDonald Observatory use 5 differenttelescopes to study a wide variety of topics.

Below are descriptions of five different astronomers’ research projects. Go to the McDonald Observatory website, and read about the five different telescopes: Hobby-Eberly Telescope, Harlan J Smith Telescope, Otto StruveTelescope, 0.8 meter telescope, and 0.9 meter telescope. Select the telescope that best suits each astronomer’s research project.

To find descriptions of the telescopes, click here.

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