Toxic affects

Identify one chemical or drug that elicits at least one of the toxic effects listed below:

  • irritation to the skin and eyes,
  • acute toxicity,
  • dose toxicity,
  • carcinogenicity,
  • genetic toxicity,
  • reproductive or developmental effects, or
  • skin and/or respiratory sensitivity.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following information:

  • your chosen chemical or drug and background information on the chemical or drug;
  • the designated use of the chemical or drug;
  • the symptoms of toxicity caused by the chemical or drug;
  • at least two methods of toxicity testing that would be utilized for the chemical or drug, which may be supported by the assigned textbook reading for this unit; and
  • a current event that occurred within the last 2 years pertaining to toxic exposure to a chemical and how toxicity was determined. If the assessment methods were not discussed, discuss how toxicity could be determined


add photos, images, or other supplemental graphics to support your presentation.

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