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In at least 250 words, discuss the questions of when, why, and how much violence or life-harming action may be a permissible within your selected moral issue with your specific case or scenario explained (real or imagined).  You must also address the question from a moral philosophical view using at least one moral theory we’ve studied in this course to support the permissible use of violence or life-harming action.  You must define the basic moral principle in the theory you choose and explain how it relates to the permissible use of harmful action in the case you’re discussing.  Select one of the moral theories or moral philosophies of the person named for your discussion of this question: Utilitarianism, Immanuel Kant, Natural Law, Human Rights, Peter Singer, Aristotle, Carol Gilligan (feminist ethics of care), and/or a specific Religious based ethic.  You may bring your own personal experience into the essay but be sure you answer the exam questions in what you discuss.  This essay is not just about your opinion on the use of violence but about moral theories that address it.

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