Role of the Nurse Leader as a Change Agent

NU420M2-2: Analyze current trends for nursing leadership related to nursing recruitment, retention, and engagement in the workplace.

Investigate the Role of the Nurse Leader as a Change Agent

Assignment Background:

The hospital you work for has gained Magnet® distinction. The nursing leadership at your organization has reached out to a group of “Super Users” to gain essential knowledge of the Magnet® Model and implement it on your unit. You, as a “Super User,” have demonstrated leadership and engagement in the organization and are ready to take on the task!

Assignment Instructions:

Create a poster presentation to display in the staff lounge of your unit. The poster presentation must include the following:

  1. Accurate definitions of the main components to the Magnet® Model.
  2. A description of at least two qualities of effective change agents that help promote the change process to the Magnet® Model for your unit.
  3. Two examples demonstrating the role of the nurse leader/manager in implementing the change to the Magnet® Model on your unit.
  4. A brief analysis of the benefits of the transition to the Magnet® Model for leaders and followers.
  5. At least three scholarly resources to support ideas.
  6. APA format for in-text citations and references.

A poster presentation is a way to share the main components of a concept, research, or new knowledge. In many instances, posters are used to briefly describe a research paper or new process in a format that is quick to read and easy to follow.

You may create your own poster presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint®, or you may use the provided templates: see the additional material attached for the format

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