Reflective Paper

Reflective Paper #1: The purpose of a reflection paper is to allow you the opportunity to express your analysis and synthesis of what you have learned to date. To that end, you will integrate content knowledge/themes/concepts presented in this course with what you have learned from other coursework and from your professional experiences. You will then express ways in which this information can be applied to your current/future work in the field of education and perhaps in your personal life. Each paper should be double-spaced using 12 pt. font, should be between 400 – 750 words with 1-inch margins, and should be formatted as follows. Use the headings in bold type below. 1. Name/date/Course/Reflection Paper # (e.g., 1, 2, or 3) 2. Content: (In this section discuss the most significant concepts you have learned in this course to date. How does this connect with concepts you have learned in other coursework/training? Each paper should present new ideas/concepts.) 3. Personal Reaction: (In this section discuss your personal reaction to the material. Were any of your previous assumptions challenged? Did you have a personal connection or disagree with any of the leadership principles discussed? In particular, how does the information impact upon your views of a school leader?) 4. Application: (In this section discuss how you will use this information in your present/future career in education. Avoid broad generalities.)


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