Observing Piaget’s Theory

Step 1: Observe a child between the ages of 0-11 years old for at least 20 mins – you have some options here to complete this portion…these can be your own children (congrats you created your study subjects!), family members/neighbors/friend’s children that consent to your observation with their supervision, public observations (in the grocery store, waiting room, park, public event, etc.), or in the form of digital media (may be a scene from a movie, tv program, reality show, youtube clip, etc.). 

Step 2: Record your observations. Make note of behaviors and communications (how many times did they sort the blocks? did they complete the puzzle or give up and move on to a new toy? what questions did they ask? what reasoning did they use? how did they interact with/problem solve/work with others, if applicable? Then answer the following items:

Each writing assignment is worth 10% of your grade and is broken down into 10 total points:

1.) Report your data in the format of your choosing (descriptions, chart form, listed, tally marked table, etc.). (4 points)

2.) Based on your observations, which of Piaget’s stages do you believe this child to be in? Give specific examples that lead you to this conclusion. (6 points)

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