Module 3 Article Peer Discussion

Module 3 Article Peer Discussion

Purpose and Objectives:

Many times courses discuss topics without illustrating how they relate to everyday life.  This assignment will allow you an opportunity to explore how chemistry is advancing and related to multiple fields.  You will be able to explore the topics beyond the textbook and stay up to date on advancements in some fields.  

You will have an opportunity to explore topics that interest you while strengthening your writing and citation skills.  Your communication with peers will enhance your overall course experience.  

Module 3 Topics:

  • The Mole
  • Stoichiometry
  • Concentrations and Dilution
  • Chemical Equations

Discussion Board Post:

  1. In the discussion –
    1. Post both your article and review in the text box using the Google Drive LTI option. 
  2. Respond to a peer’s summary with a thoughtful paragraph (no less than 5 complete sentences). Your response should:
    1. Include the reference information for their article and who you are responding to at the top.
    2. Indicate that you have read your classmate’s article
    3. Must include one or more of the following:
      1. Something your classmate wrote that reminds you of a personal experience.
      2. An explanation of why you agree or disagree with your classmate’s course connection
      3. A question raised by something your classmate said and the implications of that question.
      4. Indicate whether or not you enjoyed the article. Why or why not?

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