Milgram Experiment

DIRECTIONS: Each SA should thoughtfully respond in your own words to the prompt and may be completed via either a written. Written SAs must be at least one full page, double-spaced, not including headers/titles and saved as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf file and uploaded in Blackboard under the appropriate assignment link. SAs should include information from at least one outside, academic source with proper references. Clarity and organization count, so please proofread/review your oral assignment before submitting. Your SAs will be graded using a rubric (100 possible points).


After reading chapter 6  and watching the documentary, answer the following questions in your SA:

1. Summarize the Milgram experiment. What was Milgram studying and what did he discover through his experiment? 2. What does the Milgram experiment indicate about the power of authority on our behavior as humans? 3. Do you think Milgram would have the same outcome if he replicated the study with women? What about if he replicated it today, in 2018? Why?


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