Internship Activities

ACTIVITY 16: Attend an annual conference of either the Mississippi Association of School Administrators, the Mississippi Association of High School Principals, the Mississippi Association of Elementary School Principals, the Mississippi Association of Female School Administrators, or the Public Education’s annual seminar. This can be attended virtually. Write a reflective essay concerning what you learned about leadership, instruction, and the political/aspects of the professional association. (NELP 7.3; PSEL 6c, 6d, 6g)


ACTIVITY 22: Study the special education program at the host school by identifying the placement procedure, the Individualized Education Program process; the process of mainstreaming the disciplinary procedures used for students with disabilities by interviewing the principal, a mainstream teacher, and a special education teacher about the strengths; needs, and issues with special education.  Write the findings in a report. (NELP 4.4; PSEL 3h, 4a, 4b)


ACTIVITY 24: Observe a disciplinary conference and assist the principal in seeking solutions to the problem.  (NELP 3.2; PSEL 5e)


ACTIVITY 25: Review the procedures for the district/school opening and closing of the school year. Observe or take an active part in these procedures. Critique the effectiveness and major concerns of the procedures. Include the critique in the portfolio.  (NELP 6.1; PSEL 4e, 9b, 9f, 9g)


ACTIVITY 29: Meet with the campus/district security officer and / or building administrators and gather   information on all security policies and practices.  This may include metal detectors, searches, lock-down, keys, visitor identification procedures, data management system, student information systems, alarm systems, fire and emergency drills, or other practices to ensure a safe environment and manage crisis situations.  Take part and/ or observe as many of these practices as possible.  A summary of your findings and recommendations will be included in the notebook.  (NELP 3.1; PSEL 4e, 9a)


ACTIVITY 31: Go the link below on the Mississippi Department of Education Division of Safe and Orderly Schools website and obtain the School Facility Safety Assessment Instrument.  Complete this assessment on your school. Discuss with your principal mentor (or another principal) who has experienced the process of the school facility safety assessment instrument being conducted on his/her school by the MDE.  (NELP 6.3; PSEL 9h)


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