ETL (Extraction, Translation, and Load) of data from multiple sources to a structured data warehouse

Requirements for the Individual Final Report Paper include:

  • Development of an 8 to 10 page (2800 to 3500 words at 350 words per page/average) of content, excluding the cover page, front matter (Table of Contents), Back matter (appendix items) and references. Please double-spaced your paper, as noted in the APA style guide. Use proper in-text APA citations as well as a full references section.
  • A minimum of FIVE outside references are required for your work.  User peer-reviewed work (e.g., journals, conference proceedings, industry papers, etc.).  Peer-reviewed work refers to articles written by experts, which are reviewed by several other experts in the field before the article is published in the journal in order to ensure the article’s quality.  Please DO NOT use popular press items (e.g., Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine, etc.), which are not aligned with academic work.
  • Use APA formatting in your paper. AVOID direct quotes. Instead, paraphrase and cite (see APA regarding this). Remember, direct quotes are typically done for seminal research, so limit the use of quotes in your submission. In addition, provide an introduction and a conclusion in your paper. The paper must follow a logical flow, so working from an outline is strongly recommended.
  • Provide a supporting PowerPoint presentation of your project. Do not simply cut and paste your report in PowerPoint. The PowerPoint is expected to be a usable presentation. Include PowerPoint speaker notes in your presentation (see the PowerPoint help feature if you are not familiar with this). Provide a reference section on the last slide of your presentation.

Individual Final Report Grading:

The Individual Final Report comprises 20% of your final grade. Your paper and presentation are graded on the following criteria (and maximum points possible):

Proper formatting of paper (APA format)

50 points

Spelling/grammar/sentence structure

25 points

Content and logical flow of paper (including an introduction, body, conclusion/summary sections, etc.)                             

75 points

Use of a minimum of FIVE suitable peer-reviewed articles, which must be less than 5 years old.                                                               

75 points

PowerPoint Presentation (include suitable graphics, appropriate formatting, speaker notes, and reference slide

75 points

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