discussion week2

  • What elements will you use when determining facility planning within a community? Provide examples.
  • What design and equipment modifications would you make when remodeling an inpatient unit for use by bariatric patients? How might equipment needs differ for this population?
  • What tools, standards, or concepts would you leverage?

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discussion week2

Discussion 1:

Why are standards of care required for health care professionals and organizations? Explain.

Do you believe the standards are adequate? Why or why not?

Discussion 2:

Choose an organization that works in either organizational, licensure, accreditation, certification, or authorization. What is the function and process of the organization? How may this organization be important to your career in health care? 

Discussion 3:

Below is a list of intentional torts what can be done to eliminate these in in health care or can they be eliminated? Why or why not?






•False imprisonment (false arrest).


Infliction of emotional abuse

•Interference with contractual relations.

•Invasion of privacy.

•Misuse of legal procedure.



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