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Make sure to respond to at least (2) two or more of your peers with an in-depth response by Friday of each week before 11:59pm. One (1) or more reference/s required with each post. Make sure to include reference/s with work. References needed for each separate post


Steph O Post 1:To be able to wake up each morning to live another day is what I appreciate the most. Breathing alone is what keeps a human alive, yet some need help with this simple bodily function. As society advances, there are new airborne diseases constantly developing, cigarettes still exist and air pollution gets worse every day; a respiratory therapist is necessary for the future. Imagine a fish outside the water, a visual that oxygen is a priority for all species. Respiratory therapists are those who help others that cannot breathe, this profession requires consistent education in learning what new techniques or machines can do to make Respiratory Therapists most efficient. According to Egan’s Fundamentals of Respiratory care, ongoing learning for this field is and dedication to learn new things are crucial. To further our knowledge and to be up to date with current studies or researches, participating in organizations like the AARC that provide seminars for Respiratory Therapists to keep professionals up to date with newly discovered information. As science advances, RRT’s must have the ability to keep up, have the will to want to learn continuously to offer high-quality care to their patients. Participating in seminars, organizations, and courses helps this profession grow, learning new ways to save lives is always beneficial. From reading, becoming a Respiratory Therapist is rewarding as long as we strive to learn more and contribute to the future of this profession.


Jess E Post 2: The role that mostly everyone is aware of a respiratory therapist would defiantly be saving people’s lives. Going beyond and above to make sure you can do everything possible as a respiratory therapist to help patient with breathing and more. What respiratory does every day is assist people who are unable to breath do so for themselves do it for them it be with mechanical ventilation devices. To me and most people another role respiratory does is help do what your lungs is uncapable of doing on its own. Therefore, a role of respiratory therapist is far from simple or basic. It is are respiratory responbility to manage the airways  and can also be managed by trachea. Respiratory therapist  practice under medical direction from physicians. This another reseon the role of a respiratory therapist is not only important but very important. Reminder not only do respiratorty therapist work in hospital but also clinic, physicians office, rehabilitation facility and patient homes most are unaware of the many places outside of the hospital. In if you are a supervisor or lead also comes with more responsibility tend to mange much more high risk matters with experience and knowledge with usually many years of experience. In sometimes also a advance practice respiratory therapist this is new and very helpful to the physicians and respiratory therapist to be able to better assist patients.  These are just a few but major roles that respiratory therapist play. 

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