After watching God Grew Tired of Us in class, answer the following questions, relating specifically to information from the chapter in The Real World:

  1. First, define and discuss what culture is in your own words. How did this movie help you see American culture (specifically, beliefs, traditions, and practices) in a new light?
  2. Compare and contrast the Lost Boys’ Sudanese culture with American culture. What were specific similarities and differences between the two cultures that you noticed?
  3. Daniel tells us: “People ask, do you live in the forest?” How might such misperceptions by Americans about life in Africa affect the Lost Boys’ ability to integrate into American society? Conversely, how might the boys’ own misperceptions of life in the US affect their ability to integrate? Are these misperceptions a serious impediment, or just one of the many small challenges of emigration?

This is  for  a discussion board for a sociology class. NO LESS THAN 200 WORDS

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