Consider the points of view of Janice and Samprit

Develop an essay focusing on the following:

Janice is studying nursing at university and is keen to work in the Intensive Care Unit after she graduates. In her view, this will be an exciting and varied job that will allow her to really make a difference for people who are acutely unwell. 

Samprit is studying nursing too and wishes to work in the Emergency Department where he intends to use quick thinking and fast action to save lives. 

Neither Janice, nor Samprit can see the relevance in learning about caring for a person with a lived experience of mental illness, mental health recovery, consumer and carer centred approaches or even the most common mental health disorders. In their view, they do not want to waste time on the occasional ‘madman’ or ‘drunk’ who may cross their path. Since they don’t want to pursue a career in mental health nursing they don’t understand why they should learn about it in their program of study. 


Required discussion points for the essay:

Consider the points of view of Janice and Samprit. 

·       Discuss why it is important for the two students to have knowledge about mental health and mental illness in light of the high levels of people with a comorbidity of both physical and mental health issues and how one can impact the other. 

·       Discuss why is it important for all nurses such as Janice & Samprit to understand the recovery model of care utilised by mental health services to enhance their practice? 

·       Discuss the importance of a mental state examination when undertaking a comprehensive assessment of a person in order to prioritise delivery of care. 

·       Discuss the steps  Janice and Samprit  should take to engage with and support a person with mental health needs in a hospital environment, for example in the Emergency Department, or on a busy medical ward, to ensure all their needs are met?

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