Community Assessment

Assignment Part 1 Outline

I. Select a community where you work live or have an interest 

II. Assess your selected community

A.      Define the demographic composition of the community.

Your community assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the status of a community. It identifies population groups, needs and resources. 

1.       Identify your neighborhood by name, zip code and county.

2.       Conduct a Windshield Survey by taking a walk or a drive around your neighborhood and observe your surroundings. What does your selected community look like? Describe your windshield survey findings and integrate this description with a discussion of some key components.  Utilize additional resources to support your observations. Describe key components:

a.       Location and Geographical boundaries

b.       Community name East New York and / or Community District number

c.        Types of Housing 

d.       Safety Services (List Local Police Precincts, Fire Companies, Ambulance Companies): 

e.       Access to Transportation: 

B.      Identify the resources and unique characteristics of the community.

3.       Identify some of the community resources/ unique characteristics:

  • Health Care: Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Government: Local Politicians (see suggested websites)
  • Schools/recreational facilities/ 
  • Senior services such as NORCS


C.      Research vital statistics for your community using websites.


4.       Research and discuss the vital statistics of your community. 

  • Report on the demographics (population numbers, ethnic makeup, percentages of old and young, gender, economic status) and vital statistics (leading causes of morbidity and mortality, infant mortality rates etc).  

5.       Analyze the vital statistics data of your community and compare and contrast with New York City (or the main city of your State) vital statistics and national trends. Analyze the data for similarities and differences:

  • What changes have occurred since the last time these statistics were reported? 

·         Analyze the data for similarities and differences with that of New York City and Nationally.


6.       Identify the vulnerable populations, unmet needs and the current resources available for them (Utilize suggested websites from your syllabus)


7.       Talk to at least two key informants in your community.  These could be community members who have lived in the community a long time and are familiar with the history and the problems, or a community leader.  What is their role in the community? Describe what they identify as the problems and the strengths of the community and relate to community health concepts.


8.       Summarize the health strengths, health risks and health problems of your selected community.

III. Describe the major issues affecting the health of the community

E. Identify and analyze three major issues affecting the health of the community

1. Identify at least three issues that affect the health status of population groups in your community.

2. Describe three problems in-depth by utilizing supporting data you have collected from your windshield survey, your search of the literature relating to your community/problem and supporting vital statistics

3. Relate the findings to two or more Healthy People 2030 Leading Health Indicators and at least one HP 2030 Overall Health and Well-Being Measures.

Guidelines for Final Project Part 1 Paper:

1.       Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, one inch margins all around, 1000 – 1500 word paper (5 – 6 pages, not included cover page and reference page). in APA 7th ed. format (Refer to APA guidelines in the APA guidelines menu tab)

2.       Include your name on the paper and submit with your last name and Final Project Part One (e.g.: Reilly Final Project Part one) in the subject line.

3.       Submit as Word document by saving the document on your computer and upload the document to the Assignment Link.



·         Harkness Chapter 11, Community Assessment


·         Nassau County:

o   Go to Community Health Assessment

·         New York City:

o   Find your Community Health Profile

·         Westchester County:

o   Go to Community Health Assessment 2009-2013

·         Community Health Profiles:

o   Scroll to the bottom of the page and pick your community

·         Community District Profiles:

o   Go to Search for a District, Neighborhood or address for a community district profile

·         Healthy People 2030 Leading Health Indicators


·         Healthy People 2030 Overall Health and Well-Being Measures


  • County Health Rankings:  


  • Community Issues related Youth


  • Federally Funded Programs that help Youth


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