Identify a problem or opportunity for change in an actual health care setting, e.g., acute care, long-term care, community, clinic, etc.

  • Review the rubric and include all of the applicable elements in your paper.
  • From the rubric, use each section’s heading in the rubric as a heading in your paper; this will organize your work and is required. You will not use a heading for the APA/Grammar section.
  • Change Process and Nursing Process are very similar applications.
  • Goals (short & long term) should be specific and measurable.
  • You may need to create an evaluation survey or audit to measure to what degree the goals are met. Include any tools (surveys, evaluations, teaching tools, etc.) that you develop throughout your project in the appendix of your paper. If you use an existing tool, be sure to credit the source.
  • Choose something that you are passionate about and that is reasonably achievable in the 4-5 weeks. Keep it manageable. It may be only one element of a larger project that is going on where you work, for example.
  • Include all of the steps of process development. For example: who did you talk to when deciding on the topic? How did you assess the need for change? How did you develop an interest in the project with those who are involved or impacted by this change project?

DUE DATE 10/03/21 AT 11:59PM

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