Case Study: Barbie vs. Bratz

  • Read and review Barbie vs. the Bratz Girls Case on page 82. (attached pdf)
  • Respond to each question posted below.

1.Summarize case.

2.What is the dilemma?

3.What sort of agreement was signed?

4.What was unclear about the agreement?

5.What should have been included in the agreement or how could it have been reworded for clarity?

6.Was there any confidential information revealed? If so, what was it?

7.What item(s) were considered proprietary (by whom)? Confidential?

8.Was there a conflict of interest? If so, what type (please explain).

9.What would have happened if Carter Bryant would have signed a non-competitive agreement?  What would this agreement entail?

10.In lieu of contracts, what could Mattel done to  improve their relationship with Carter Bryant?

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