1. After completing the reading for this week, your assignment is to consider the following:

Briefly compare birthing options for women in developed countries. 

Next, watch the Clip of the Week, “Babies” video posted in the Birth folder. What did you learn about critical periods of development, from the first few moments after birth through our first year, from the video? What did you learn about the importance and power of the attachments babies and their caregivers form?


Write a short answer response of about 1-2 paragraphs (minimum 150 words) about it.

2. After your 150 word post, end your post with an open-ended question (i.e., a “how, what, when, why” question that requires more than a one word answer) to encourage discussion on the topic covered that week. For instance, you could pose a question asking for examples (i.e., “I’m pursuing a career in education, I’m wondering how this theory/research/perspective can be used in the classroom. Anyone have any ideas?”), help understanding a topic (i.e., “How do you explain the difference between a sensitive and critical period of development?”), or ways to relate to or apply the topic (i.e., “In what ways has this topic personally affected you and your behavior?” or “I had always thought about this topic much differently, has anyone else found their thoughts on this topic have changed? How so?”).


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