Big Data vs Distributed Databases

(50 points) By definition, a graduate-level research paper provides a discussion of the content in the scholarly article from peer-reviewed sources where research was performed using relevant keywords. In short, write about the articles researched as opposed to writing your thoughts and trying to find articles that support those thoughts.


Write a research paper discussing research comparing Big Data versus Distributed Databases. Provide only the Content/Discussion section and the References section.  Do not provide a title page, an abstract, conclusion or any other section other than the Content/Discussion and References section.


APA formatting of the paper including citations and references is worth 10 points. One point off for each error.

Each scholarly article from peer-reviewed sources is worth two points for a maximum of 10 points.

Content relevant to the research topic is worth 10 points. Distinguished (10), Advanced (8), Proficient (6), Basic (4), or Unacceptable (2).

Page length between two and three pages for the Content/Discussion section is worth 10 points, net (10) or unmet (0). The References section is not included in the word count.

Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar are worth 10 points. One point off for each error.

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