Assignment 4.1: Leonard-Griggs Case Study

Read the case The Rocky Road to Patient Satisfaction at Leonard-Griggs (PDF) (Links to an external site.).

Based on the information in the case, draw an organizational chart for Leonard-Griggs. Include the drawing either within the body of the paper or as an appendix.

Use one of the five organizational structures presented in Chapter 5 of Management of Healthcare Organizations or a variation of one:

  • Functional structure
  • Divisional structure
  • Matrix structure
  • Horizontal structure
  • Network structure

In your paper, write about the following and include the organizational chart (described above) as an appendix:

  • Explain the rationale for your chart.
  • Identify and explain the pros and cons of the organizational structure you selected.
  • Consider what you’ve learned about leadership styles, leadership theories, teamwork, organizational theories, and change theories. How would you apply these concepts to the problems this organization faces?
  • Elaborate on what elements of the organization you would change and explain why.
  • Would you restructure the organization? Why or why not?

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