WK4B Assign 2

Write a 2-3 page, APA format paper on assessing terror threats, preventing attacks, and the role of nurses if an attack does occur. Address the following prompts:  

  • Think about your state and any sites that might be a target of terrorism.
    • Describe several reasons why your state or city may be vulnerable.
  • Examine Web sites (e.g., U.S. Homeland Security, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization) for strategic planning or documents that could be helpful in assessing terror threats and preventing attacks.
    • What is your state doing to address these issues?
    • If an attack does occur, what should health professionals do to be most effective?
  • Check with your local and state health department.
    • Are there plans in place for large-scale terrorist attacks?
    • How often are they updated?
    • Who is involved in the planning?

Paper Guidelines:

  • The paper must be 2-3 type-written pages long using double spacing.
  • Include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and a reference page.
  • The reference page must have at least 3 references in APA format and the resources must be from scholarly sources such as your textbook, journal articles, etc.

Due no later than Wednesday, 9/22/21, by 11:59 PM CT

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