Signature assignment

Reflect upon the clinical problem that you have identified in your area of clinical nursing setting. Create a 10-15-minute TED Talk style presentation that summarizes the clinical problem and the research and summarize the knowledge available on the clinical problem related to implementation of a practice change in your clinical practice environment based upon your findings. Address the following in your video:

  • Summarize the clinical problem and available research.
  • Describe how you intend to operationalize the practice change in your practice environment. 
  • What theoretical model will you use and how will you overcome barriers to implementation? 
  • What sources of internal evidence will you use in providing data to demonstrate improvement in outcomes? 
  • Are there any ethical considerations?

The presentation should be a simulation of what you would present to unit staff in effort to gain buy-in as you promote a practice in professional nursing.

three scholarly references required 



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